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With Flacco as Baltimore's starting quarterback, the Ravens have won the AFC North twice, appeared in three AFC Championship Games, and defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.Flacco was named Super Bowl XLVII's MVP, concluding a postseason run in which he tied Joe Montana's single postseason record for touchdown passes (11) without an interception.– Once you are online follow all of the steps to play a game against an opponent online.– Once you do that you will be notified that your rosters are outdated.Be aware that you also won’t be able to play with some players that have been placed on the IR such as Chad Pennington.Otherwise, you are good to go with Vick, Favre, and everyone else in Madden 10.No, I’m not talking about Michael Vick, I am talking about Brett Favre.

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for his outstanding performance in the postseason, having established a career playoff record of 10-5 and holding the record for most postseason road victories by a quarterback with 7.

– Go to either the online mode, Xbox Live, or play online.

More or less, get online in the game and connect to EA’s servers.

So, you’re best option is to pick up a 3-month Xbox Live Gold membership which will cover you the rest of the way.

The next time you go to fire up your Madden 10 game, your new rosters will automatically be included.


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