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This discussion is based generally on the Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code provisions.

Fortunately, if you understand the Uniform Commercial Code in one state, you understand it in all states.

Often, to resolve a dispute, a court must interpret the "statutes" or codes created by the legislature. Article 7: Warehouse receipts, Bills of Lading and other documents of title. Covers security interests in all types of personal property, including accounts receivable, equipment and inventory. The UCC was intended as a Uniform Model Code that might be adopted by every state legislature.

No lawyer, business person or college professor knows all of the Uniform Commercial Code.The law is usually written broadly so that it may be applied judicially. An "Official Comment from the drafters of the Uniform Commercial Code" follows each UCC code section. Negotiable instruments such as promissory notes and bank checks. Covers the relationship between banks as they pass bank checks, deposits and credits among them. The variations in state law became a tremendous problem for businesses and banks dealing across state lines.The official comments explain the intent behind each code section and provide examples of appropriate factual situations. Many business people, lawmakers and academics saw a need for a uniform set of laws covering commercial transactions to facilitate interstate commerce.Most state legislatures also add a state comment describing how the new Uniform Commercial Code changed the law in that state. This would promote interstate commerce, create more comfort and security for interstate business transactions, increase competition and lower costs.These official comments also fill in the gaps in the UCC and help courts, lawyers and business people better understand the UCC. A national conference of lawmakers, lawyers and college professors worked for years studying the various commercial laws of the 50 states, debating the pros and cons of these variations and drafting what they viewed as the best "Uniform Commercial Code." This process has continued for decades.When a court resolves a particular dispute, the record of this decision is case law, which may be used as authority in a future case.


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