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If you are honestly up front with your huge character flaws ( not saying you shouldnt try to change some of them) People will still chose to give you a chance or not. Sure there a exceptions out there, but as a general rule I'd say girls like confidence. I have different interests now than I did then and my problem solving strategies have changed. Why is confidence different from other character traits?When your pretending to be something you are not or dont disclose that maybe you had problems in the past with this or that, then the person you are dating falls in love with only the best you. The one girl you know who says she likes nerdy guys still fawns over Brad Pitt doesn't she? It just seems lazy to me to say "I can't change who I am".

plus the whole extemely rude, chonically unemployed person most likly has ingrained character flaws that are not going to be able to be changed without some tharapy.Now I'm much more confident and that comes from working with myself and challenging my believes. You can't demand that anyone accept you for who you are.You don't have the right to be loved by someone else (I don't count family here).In general, "be yourself" means be true to your core identity rather than faking a different one because you think it will be attractive to others.But we can take it one step further and say that you should also try to the best "you" that you can be, being the ideal "yourself." Let's call our rude person Al: maybe rudeness is part of who Al is and wants to be, but more likely he didn't realize he had become that rude.As a result you'll be soft-spoken and shy compared to most, but that shouldn't disqualify you from finding love; someone will like you for who you are.


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