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Cruise then arranged a press conference to disseminate the news. Sixty-three percent of respondents in a People magazine poll said they ­believed the relationship was a publicity stunt.Winfrey later ­admitted to finding his behavior perplexing.As a teenager crushing on Cruise, Holmes had told her sisters, “I’m going to marry him one day,” as she recalled in a Seventeen interview in October 2004.

The tabloid media have long been seen as the main shapers of these narratives—but that view under-weights the creative input of the stars themselves, who, by the nature of their vocation and also concern for their own tiny little zones of privacy, have always been comfortable with a high level of falsehood in the public presentation of their romantic lives.

Four months before Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, the couple walked into the Mark Taper Forum, in downtown Los Angeles, to see a performance of Clybourne Park. , was that Katie Holmes, an American sweetheart indentured into celebrity servitude by her No.

A thirty­something film marketer in the audience, out with his ready-to-burst wife for one last pre-baby hurrah, turned to her and said, “If he sees you, he’ll talk to you, because you’re pregnant. He seemed to be maximizing his height with each step.” Cruise and Holmes stood in a darkened area near the bathrooms. 1-box-office-star husband and mind-controlled by an evil octopus-like religious empire, had found untapped inner reserves of strength and courage and pulled off a daring, meticulously planned ninja escape to save 6-year-old daughter Suri.

“Because that’s what Tom Cruise does,” the husband says. There were reports of disposable cell phones, fired security staff and publicists, a secretly rented apartment in a strategic jurisdiction.

“He helps people.” Sure enough, at intermission, as the expectant mother stood in line for the bathroom, Cruise told her to go ahead of them. “Cruise looked like a tourist: dumb designer jeans and a white button-down shirt and J. Right there in the newspapers every day, plain to see, were the vindicating photographs of a reborn Holmes, smile back on her face, bounce back in her step, as she went about her new life right here in New York City, happy at last.


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