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Eventually, I abandoned them and went back to manually logging in.(if you are looking to quit Quicken, keep reading, you'll see why I list it as one of the best alternatives to Quicken)Fast forward to today and I spend just 15 minutes each month managing my money.For a very brief moment, many years ago, I tried Quicken and subsequently Mint.They were all OK — but they didn't play nicely with my brokerage accounts.The last fun chart we have is US Sectors: You can track “other assets” like art, cars, etc – there just isn't any updating functionality because there's on central database of pricing for those types of things.

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They have a feature where you can tie in a Zillow estimate (Zestimate), but we don't do that.They've been the beneficiary of quite a bit of capital investment.As of January 2017, they've raised over 0.3 million in funding (per Crunchbase).🙂As I mentioned earlier, Personal Capital started on the investment side and only recently added the budgeting toolset… Looks like I've been a little more fortunate, having lost only 3.21% vs. The Balances and Performance tabs are less interesting than the Allocation tab: Personal Capital is collecting data from all of my brokerage accounts, granted it's just at Vanguard and Trade King, and giving me a full breakdown of my allocation.I can click on one of the boxes and it can give me an even granular breakdown: If you click down one more level, it starts telling you the actual holding and the amounts you have.Personal Capital will pull the data from each account so I don't need to manually log in.


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