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Residents will be given £500 in cash followed by a bank payment for the rest from Monday.

Theresa May insisted the Government was doing everything possible to help those caught up in the tragedy.

Georges Blind disappeared without trace in a concentration camp, at the end of 1944And there is indisputable evidence that 'le capitaine Anglaise', as admiring locals called him, did a great deal of positive work, escorting men on high-risk journeys from German-occupied northern France to the relative safety of self-governing Vichy France in the south, from where they could get home by ship or via Spain. But all the while he was stealing money intended to finance those operations and living a high life of champagne, fast girls and fast cars on the proceeds.

As we will see later, when he was rumbled by his own side, he sold out to the Germans, betraying scores of Resistance workers and men on the run, working with the Gestapo and even watching as they tortured those he'd given up.

Harrowing images show the charred remains of flats and hallways that were once home to hundreds of families before the blaze broke out on Wednesday morning.

It comes as residents whose homes were destroyed were told they would receive a £5,500 Government down payment from tomorrow.

The announcement was made by Downing Street on Sunday evening, as the Prime Minister faced intense scrutiny over her government's reaction to the disaster.

And Mail Online readers can donate to a charity co-ordinating efforts to help those whose lives were devastated by clicking here.

The money will go to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, the company’s local charity partner.


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