Late 1950s dating habits

A typical meal in the Mussolini household was punctual, with everyone seated and served at the table before his arrival.

Foods of choice: Idi Amin loved roast goat, cassava, and millet bread.

He was already diabetic and had heart problems and arthritis by the time he was in power in the late 1950s.

By his last year, 1971, his wife had to spoon-feed him.

François "Papa Doc" Duvalier was a doctor turned politician, elected on the promise that he would help the country's poor black majority, who had been exploited for years.

However, his rule quickly veered south as he installed secret police, and an estimated 30,000 people were shot, imprisoned, or tortured to death.

He reportedly ate as many as 40 oranges a day, believing they were "nature's Viagra." Later, when he was living in exile in Saudi Arabia, he reportedly loved to feast on pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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In his repressive state, opposition and free speech were not tolerated.

By the end of WWII, Hitler ate only mashed potatoes and clear broth.

Hitler was the führer of Nazi Germany who forcefully occupied large chunks of Europe and North Africa during WWII.

He would throw the food served to him at formal events onto the floor and kick it as far as possible.

Foods of choice: He liked bhang, a tea made from the leaves of the female cannabis plant, and iboga, a root bark with hallucinogenic properties.


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