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New York's Idlewild airport was renamed John F Kennedy International Airport in December 1963.) But this one is different: a children's picture book exquisitely illustrated by PJ Lynch. I prefer to err on the side of fun rather than seriousness." "It comes to life because of PJ's drawings," Tubridy says, of the work of illustrator and Laureate na nÓg PJ Lynch.

Tubridy relished working on it because, as he loves to tell anyone who is listening, he is a big kid at heart. "He makes the past breathe again." Lynch has played the part of Time Lord and drawn Tubridy, in the guise of a news reporter, into the book's pages. and here he is," Tubridy says, pointing at his own illustrated face.

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As research for his book, Tubridy made his way to New Ross to meet people who were still in short pants and school skirts when JFK came to town.

"I'm a monochrome person, living in a technicolour world," he says taking a seat beside me.

"I look like I belong anywhere - the 1940s, '50s, or '60s.

The following week, news that a researcher on the show had reached out to drug dealer John Gilligan - the man widely suspected of being behind the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin - made headlines.

When asked if he thinks approaching Gilligan was a good idea, Tubridy switches into PR autopilot. My comfort with it is not an issue because it isn't happening...


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