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They will invest months into a relationship, seemingly asking for nothing in return.Then, when you are finally all in, they spring their trap. "I was really embarrassed that I could let this happen to me." Before you say to yourself, "That could never happen to me," consider the fact that the FBI recorded some 15,000 romance scams last year, a jump of 2,500 from the year before. Because it is practically impossible nowadays to date without some use of the internet, experts warn that you need to take precautions before jumping into the dating game.

AT: ICB Sausalito, on the mountain – on the Sunshine Trail – in the elevator, at the Chalk Drawing in San Rafael; Sausalito’s Seahorse Dance Party with a cover charge…walking into the store, in the well lit, safe, busy, parking lot, on the bus, after the movie, at Muir Beach, at Sports Basement, at church, Steep Ravine, Rulli…dim sum, at Rancho Nicasio, classes at College of Marin, dog walking…

"He has a child and he's in Afghanistan and he's fighting the terrorists and he's a pilot, and I thought my prayers had been answered," Schuster said. Eventually, Smith asked Schuster to wire him some money to help support his daughter. She had sent him nearly ,000 before she finally realized the whole thing was a scam.

She began a relationship online with a military officer serving in Afghanistan named Adam Smith.

If you are also using an online dating site, it is easy for a scam artist to cross-check your name with your Facebook profile.

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