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If this is the case, the publisher membership must be structured as a partnership, corporation or LLC.

While our competitors do not charge application fees for writers to join, ASCAP membership has significant value and these benefits greatly outweigh the nominal fee.

ASCAP does not register music for the purpose of copyright protection; this is the responsibility of the writer(s) and publisher(s) of any given work.

You can register your music for copyright protection through the Library of Congress which can be reached at 202-707-3000 or on the web at gov. Whether or not you receive royalties for performances of your work(s) that occurred before you became an ASCAP member will depend upon when the performance(s) of the work(s) occurred.

You can join ASCAP as a writer if you've written or co-written music or lyrics for at least one musical work that is available to the public.

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If you need additional assistance, please log onto your Member Access account and submit a Member Service Inquiry.As in the case of writers, a newly elected publisher member can receive royalties for surveyed performances that took place in the performance period covered in the distribution quarter in which the publisher is elected.For publishers, there is a time lag of approximately six (6) months between performance and royalty processing.A publisher membership allows you to collect the publisher share of a song's performance royalties.Applications for ASCAP writer and publisher memberships can be obtained on our website ( by clicking the "join" button.Upon receipt and processing of your payment you will be supplied with instructions to complete your application.


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