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Anyway, I just had a great weekend getaway with friends from far, we ate, we adventured, we explored, we chat, and we definitely enjoyed every moment together! renovate my new home and make whole lot of crafts to stuff it up.. To welcome you back to the craft room of Craft Passion, here is the zipper pencil case pattern and tutorial which I did before my recent weekend getaway.

Honestly, this is not suitable for beginner sewer because of the piping and the way I lined it, but intermediate or advance sewer should have no problem in getting it done.

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As you can see from the photos, this zipper pencil case has a zipper that opens all the way down from top to the sides.

This enable a widely open view that make getting things from the pencil case straightforward.

Why not have a super cute shell stitch scarf pattern to match your new cardigan?

Also, there are internal gussets at the sides to prevent contents from falling out.

This pencil case would make perfect storage for many purpose, pencil case, cosmetic pouch, stationery, accessories, craft tools etc…

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