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Currently living in Copenhagen for law school, she came to Festinord for a chance at finding love. “I’m willing to do hard things to get there.” During Festinord, young single adults participate in a themed dance each evening.

Monday’s check-in and get-to-know-you activities preceded Tuesday’s sporting events, Wednesday’s workshops, Thursday’s temple trip and testimony meeting, Friday’s “Gala Night,” and Saturday’s final devotional.

She used to practice embroidery with her mother in Zhiju but was never able to do it as well as her, she says.

It usually takes a long time to master the techniques and patterns of Yi embroidery, but the majority of young women now work outside the village and have little time for it.

Sounding like a young single adult version of the “Especially for Youth” program, Festinord is widely popular across Europe for good reason.

Festinord brings YSA together to socialize, be spiritually uplifted, and create friendships across countries.

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Sam Herman from Israel attended for the first time and says he was impressed by the beauty of the ancient culture. Note: Browsers with 1024*768 or higher resolution are suggested for this site.

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival, one of Ireland’s oldest traditional festival takes place in the small spa town every September.


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