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Or are you allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and authentic?

Most of us tend to feel self-conscious about our bodies on some level. Who knows…your date might find your moment of honest self disclosure to be the tipping point toward attraction!

Make it a habit to regularly check in with your body (when you’re not on a date).

Your physical state can send powerful messages to your brain, which then dictates your emotional and mental state.

Most people go on a date with one question in the back of their mind…?Experiment with different postures and movements and notice how they affect you emotionally.What makes you feel confident, powerful, or secure? What makes you feel afraid, closed, and distrustful?Better yet, learn how to be mindful of your breathing during a date (this is easy and completely undetectable when you become good at it). First of all, invest in a couple of killer date outfits that make you feel and look amazing.Choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.When it comes to boosting your dating confidence, there are a few tricks you can use with your mind and body to help you keep your mind calm and your heart strong.


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