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During that period the Church of England was formally established.In 1715 Maryland once again became a proprietary colony of the Calverts, who had converted to Protestantism.

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At the same time, Marylanders have kept alive the state’s traditional interests through their enthusiasm for distinctive activities such as steeplechasing in the Grand National and Maryland Hunt Cup races, breeding Chesapeake Bay retrievers, and jousting on horseback with a spear at rings dangling from a crossbar; jousting is Maryland’s official state sport.

Puritan ascendancy in England (1648–60) caused only brief turmoil.

A 1689 rebellion by Protestants overthrew the proprietary officers, leading to an interval of crown rule in the royal colony of Maryland (1692–1715).

One of the earliest laws of religious liberty, it was limited to Christians and repealed in 1692.

Commercial disputes with Anglican Virginia and boundary quarrels with Quaker Pennsylvania and Delaware did not affect this tolerance.


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