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Only when the commander was there and the girl intensely interviewed did it become clear that she could not speak Kurdish.We asked for other ISIS fighters, but she just looked at the floor.'The commander asked other Iraqis present if they knew the girl.Describing the moment they found her, he said: 'We entered a shattered house, which was previously under fire. It was the girl, she was alone, injured on the left arm and chest, lying on the floor.

As she attended the church, her parents' marriage broke down and she moved with her mother to Pulsnitz. Unhappy and insecure, Linda suddenly found herself with a new stepfather - and an older stepsister called Dana.This week her neighbours in the village of Pulsnitz, near Dreseden, south-east Germany, told of their shock and anger that the promising youngster left home to join the extremist group.One former neighbour in the town of Gruenestrasse, where she lived with her parents before they split up last year, said: 'What a b***h for putting her parents through this.But they didn't want to answer.'I could see at the glances that they were afraid of her.It was clear to us that she must be an ISIS follower, 'says Shuraf.'One of our commanders can speak a few words of German.Another neighbour Angela Ehrenberg, 65, said: 'She was a very quiet, sensitive child.


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