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Usually I’m quite good at the cold approach itself and can get myself at least a few minutes of conversation yet here I had just blow out after blow out many nights. Even at the more alternative scene kind of spots, I repeatedly got that cold shouldered icy response that I only usually get from the most modelesque girls hanging out in the swankiest of venues.I even got the same blasé vibe from the 15 or so sets that I did at a drum’n bass rave I went to with friends.In nightclubs in Eastern Europe what you see repeatedly is a table with a few older guys, who look like they served in a war about 20 years ago and have been drinking hard since, with some doll faced and dolled up younger girls.

Bulgaria is not exactly the backdrop of a 007 movie, that documentaries like this would have you believe it is, but make no mistake this is the wild wild east.

Girls will dance with you who have no interest in actually getting to know you.

You’ll quickly observe that many guys who are amazing dancers have none existent game, they will tear it up with a girl on the floor, get her all hot and sweaty and then just leave (or more likely she’ll leave him) without making even the most minimal effort to make conversation, banter, build rapport or number close.

The disadvantage of salsa clubs is that approaching and dancing with a girl is not an explicit way of communicating intent.

Lots of guys and girls go salsa dancing just to dance.


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