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That the result of the ultrasound show normal features/conditions of her expected child. Submitted by Paul on: December 18, 2017 Subject: Petition Comments: All credit card credits due me finances good Christmas bipolar psychosis sister in law is nuts mm pb l no sin girlfriend courage priests SIPURG holy spirit no smoking Submitted by Kathren on: December 19, 2017 Subject: Blessing Comments: Dearest Saint Expedite, Thank you for keeping me strong inspite of every struggles ive encounter, I pray for you help and guidance saint expedite in times of weakness and sadness you may shine a light upon me, Give me hope and take away all my fears and worries, I pray for those people who continue to pressure us on our debt and who dont have consideration on us that you touch their hearts and give us consideration, understanding and patience, That you will help me to find a way to settle all my obligation in your right time, Teach me to be patience on waiting for those answers for all of my prayers, That you may continue to use me us a blessing to my family and to others, I know your helpful and generous saint expedite...

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But please remember, when he grants you your wish, you must spread his name.He has had a terrible time finding and keeping jobs.i would be most grateful if he can help my son get a full time job and restore his self confidence and be independent. Submitted by Marylin on: December 19, 2017 Subject: Please help Dean Pella Urgent Comments: Dear St expedite please intercede for me today please help Dean to find a good place to live please gave him Strenght and patience and keep him strong i come to you for your help please hear my prayers i believe in you and love you please help Dean. Submitted by Cynthia on: December 19, 2017 Subject: Petition Comments: Dear. Expedite, I come in prayer to ask in favor of intervention.Please consider contributing to our project by going to our donation page.Submitted by David on: December 19, 2017 Subject: helping my son Comments: I would like to ask St Expedite for help with my son.Please my dear Saint Expedite help me decide which of them wil i choose.. Please help me for my petitions that you will help me to intercede regarding my in dire need of financial problem,help me to pay all my debts ,please and thank you for this.i love you st expedite help me please as i have a commitment and promise to pay the money i owe to pay on January 2018. Submitted by Irene on: December 16, 2017 Subject: Comments: Dear miracle worker, the great St Expedite, today and yesterday have mentally been so challenging to me.


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