Bulova dating watch

All too often we see watches that are fully signed, but the various parts were not intended to go together, and the resulting watch does not "make sense".

Determining the integrity of the watch as a whole takes practice, and an important part of that process involves verifying the date of the movement and case, which is addressed below.

Once you have determined the date of the movement and case and, if they don't match, determined which date should be used, you can examine other elements of the watch to determine if all elements are original or period-correct.

Some consideration is also given to the dial and the jewel count.

However, many dial variants are seen throughout the years, and many of those variations, especially in the early models, are not shown in the available advertisements.

Information on Westfields can be found at Westfield by Bulova.

Once it has been verified that the watch is fully signed, the other elements of the watch (e.g., dial, movement, hands) must be examined to determine if they are original to the case.


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