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It’s no secret that the ancient Greeks believed in avoiding sex altogether before sporting events, and boxing legend Muhammad Ali would reportedly go celibate for up to six weeks before a big fight—echoing that sequence in Raging Bull where Jake La Motta has his wife get him worked up before a big fight, only to retreat to the bathroom and poor ice-cold water down his pants.

Superstitious male athletes have long bought into the notion that sex before the big game is a no-no, sapping you of your energy and lowering your testosterone levels. In 2006, National Geographic ran an eye-opening piece about sports and abstinence.

So, as is Twitter’s wont, every Sunday the trolls come out to drag Ciara, talking smack about Ciara and Wilson’s abstinence pledge while highlighting the QB’s piss-poor performance compared to Future’s mammoth post-split ’15, which includes not one, but two No. The soap opera notwithstanding, abstinence in sports is an age-old argument.If the mother is a heifer, you should expect that from her daughter.If the father is a slob, you should expect that from the son.No, the pop star with the killer dance moves has sadly not blessed us with a single on a par with her low-riding aughts classic “Goodies” (what happened to Petey Pablo?!) or the terribly infectious “1, 2 Step”—her last album Jackie, which dropped in May, moved a paltry 25,000 units in its first week.Meanwhile, best friend Kelly has been frustrated in every way imaginable, but has taken control and launched her own public relations firm successfully.


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