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Tourists often flock to Badami for the opportunity to see monkeys interact in a natural environment.

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In the Mahabharata, sage Agastya is described in the epic as a sage with enormous powers of ingestion and digestion.

Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%.

Badami has an average literacy rate of 64.8%, comparable to the national average of 65%; with 59% of the males and 41% of females literate. Badami's red sand stone cliffs are popular amongst local and international climbers.

The first Sanskrit inscription in old Kannada script, on a hillock dates back to 543 CE, from the period of Pulakeshin I (Vallabheswara), the second is the 578 CE cave inscription of Mangalesha in Kannada language and script and the third is the Kappe Arabhatta records, the earliest available Kannada poetry in tripadi (three line) metre.

It has an average elevation of 586 metres (1922 ft).


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