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Fox News' Hottie Kimberly Guilfoyle and Her Divorced Husband..Meet CNN analyst Bob Beckel Ex-Wife Leland Ingham Beckel: Married in 1992.Andrew Cuomo supports sex-selective abortion and distorted his Women's Equality Act after Cuomo.

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The Tatlercam caught up with columnist, Fox contributor and Tatler Andrea Tantaros at CPAC 2011.2012 Browse stories from Andrea Tantaros on Fox News.We asked her, what happens when she makes Bob Beckel cry?During her graduation in French and journalism, she was actively engaged in the college newspaper and frequently wrote political commentary. House of the Representatives for the Republican leadership.After her completion of graduate level, she moved to France to pursue her post undergraduate from The Université de Paris. She continued her career as a member on political campaigns for former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld, District Attorney Jeanine Pirro and Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds.Fox News said it terminated the employment of Bob Beckel, a Democratic consultant who was co-host of "The Five".


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