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Journalism, film, television, music and the arts are of supreme importance in Egyptian culture.Egypt has a press that is basically free, especially when compared to the censorship applied in other Arab nations.Egyptian television is controlled by the government, with five national television channels.Egypt is the only Arab country with a movie industry and has been making movies since the 1930s.

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They will offer something once out of politeness, but you know the offer is sincere if it is repeated. About 99 percent of the Egyptian population comes from Eastern Hamitic backgrounds.While not required to fast during Ramadan, Christians are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or chew gum in public.The major mosques are open to tourists, except during religious services.Women are widely present within the professional workforce, working as doctors, lawyers, college professors and diplomats.Women often wear a head scarf as a symbol of modesty and to discourage male advances in the professional field.The biggest newspaper in the country is called "Al Ahram," but other papers are also distributed.


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